Miles of Wire


Lightbulbs Installed


Cups of Coffee


Band Aids


David Electric is a great company to work with. I run Acme Property Management and time with most of my clients is why can’t we get this done yesterday.

When I don’t get David Electric on the first call they are returning my call to find out how they can help. Prompt service is key for me and my clients.

David Electric is always there for us and does great work. Their staff is also clean and courteous. Thx.

Cass Foley President/Owner
Acme Property Management, Inc

To Whom it May Concern, I have worked with SDE for over a decade and all the projects with them have been thorough, detailed and professional. SDE takes each project with great interest and always looks out for the best of client in all aspects of the project. They are thorough in researching the best products to use for the application, detailed in electrical understanding of current codes and product capability, and professional in their presentations, installations, estimating, and billing processes. SDE has always completed projects timely and is available when needed. I would highly recommend SDE in any electrical considerations for all projects small to large, residential to commercial. ”

Scott DeWind
Compass Construction Management, llc.